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Stand by – back again

Hi everyone ..  As most of you know, I’ve not been active with my blogging the last many weeks, and the reason has been, that I’ve been so busy writing an exam project I had with my university and besides this I was packing for my autumn holiday with my mum and brother where we went home to the Czech Republic and the week after I traveled back to Qatar, home to my sweetheart.

I must say, that I had an amazing trip to the Czech Republic with my mum and brother. We chose to take this vacation together for the first time in I think 8 years, because my mum just turned round years, and wanted to spend a good time with the family on a vacation – and Czech Republic is her mother country, so it was a suitable choice!

We were staying in Prague most of the time – as you could see on my Instagram profile, and it was truly an amazing time! I will share with you some of my pictures from the golden city here & other places we’ve been last week.. Enjoy!


We stayed in a place, by one of my mothers childhood friends and her husband. They were so kind people – and I was from my heart very surprised from this, because now a days I think it’s more and more rare to find meet such people out there in the big world. But okay.. So my mother one day insisted, that the husband should tell his lifestory for me and my brother – and I was honestly a bit shy for this, because I didn’t wish for him to feel uncomfortable by sharing such things with 2 people (me and my brother) who he just had met for the very first time. But he really did it. And his story is a story which took my heart and touched it very deeply. The thing was, that this very kind man was a jew – and he has experienced some of the worst things that a human can go through. But still he kept a smile on his face – and he was humble and had his faith in God. I chose not to share his story with all due respect to him, but wow. I was and I am amazed. To see such a person, who talked truly out of his heart and mind, and I must admit I got tears in my eyes. – And this happens very very rarely by me, so you can only imagine how it was..
Some days after, I really realized once again, that everything in life is possible, no matter all the odds that goes against you. As long as you have the right life partner, the right friends and a pure heart – you can go through it all, with blessings from God.


Besides this, we went one day to an asian museum – actually pretty interesting. A lot of the things inside of the museum was things that China gave the Czech Republic as gifts back when the communism was dominating. Pretty interesting.


And we went to visit my uncle and auntie in Ceske Budejovice in Czech Republic as well, which is more southern in the Czech – actually pretty close to the boarder to Austria. This city is like my childhood city, because me and my brother always came here since we were very small kids, traveling on long vacations to visit my grandmother. And the city feels so much more as “home” than in Prague, because this is the place I’ve spend most of my time in..


I can’t wait to share new blogs with you guys!





Hey girls!
Nu da jeg rejser afsted sydpå endnu engang, har jeg været inde på min favorit-one-stop-shop www.luxplus.dk  for at få godt købt ind til de næste par måneder når jeg er afsted.
Dét jeg elsker hos Luxplus er, at det er så overskueligt, at finde præcist dét du søger efter – og så er priserne jo bare så gode!
Det er hvertfald en fordels-klub så det siger spar to! Og man kan spare helt op til 80% på varerne – de er ægthedsgaranteret + du får din bestilling allerede dagen efter hvis man bestiller før kl.15 – som bare er lækkert. Man har en måneds prøve-periode og derefter betaler man 89kr. pr. måned – og kan følge med i hvor meget man har sparet pr. køb hver gang, som virkelig er mange penge i sidste ende!
Shoppen er egentlig egnet til hvem som helst – fra mindre til større forbrug af skønhedspleje, makeup, økologiske varer, produkter til mænd og børn osv. Så de rækker virkelig ud til rigtig mange folk, med forskellige behov, hvilket er super fedt!

Jeg har her valgt at købe Rimmel Wonderfull Volume Colourist Mascara Extreme Black    som er en af mine yndlings mascara og den koster 39kr. derinde. Så stod jeg og manglede en god base primer, så jeg fandt den her (som jeg har brugt flere gange før også) fra Loreal Lumi Magique, som koster 59kr. Og så har jeg testet 3 nye produkter, som jeg aldrig har prøvet før fra Elf Brow Cream   hvor jeg har en medium brown (som rent faktisk er lidt mørkere end forventet), som koster 39kr. + Kate Moss Nude lipstick , som er rigtig naturlig pæn på læberne + Gosh Powder , som koster 45kr og giver en helt fin dækkeevne. 


Culture & Travel


Hi everyone, so I am planning the next week to write about the different countries I have been traveling to and share my travel and culture experiences with you all, since a lot of you people have been asking me about where I’m from and if I don’t want to share my experiences. – And sure, I will gladly do this 🙂  The first country I probably should write about first, is my home country – Denmark.

I am born and raised here, as I have a danish father.
The life here for me is of course seen as “normal”, because I’m used to the life here and to the lifestyle and mentality. I think actually that I personally started to observe the cultural differences already from small child, because my mother is from the Czech Republic, and by this way I got raised somehow with two very different cultures in many ways.
I know, that a lot of people outside Europe think, that ALL european cultures and mentalities are the same – but that’s really not true at all.  Every country in Europe has its own norms and rules, their own mentalities and their own traditions and histories.

For instance Denmark.. It’s a scandinavian country (as most of you people know), and it belongs to north europe. I guess Denmark is kind of similar to Sweden and Norway in many ways and even northern Germany as well. And actually I heard too, that Denmark is similar to the Canadian mentality as well as society in many ways.

So, a little facts about Denmark… 
First of all it’s a very small country, with only around 5.7 million citizens and the spoken language is “danish”.
Denmark is a kingdom, with the queen majesty “Margrethe” on the throne. It’s one of the oldest kingdoms actually..  So this means we don’t have any president, but a prime minister and Denmark is a representative democracy.
The country is very known for it’s kind of “feminine society”. And men and women are very equal in many ways, and the typical life is that both the man and woman is working, because it mostly can be very difficult to provide the family with only one income in the house.
For instance, in Denmark we have something called a “wellfare society” which got established in around year 1933 after the huge economic crisis on Wall street back then – maybe someone would define the danish government or society as being socialistic in many ways – I heard it personally way too many times..
But the fact is, that our taxes are very high, and the money from the taxes goes to for example: free educations, free doctors/hospitals, social benefits, the army etc.

Whatsoever, Denmark is a very well known country for it’s architecture/design, litteratur, sports and development in business methods especially.

An annoying fact is for instance that it rains constantly in Denmark – and you’re lucky if you have a full month with sunshine a good weather.. The temperatures are of course lower – because we are placed in the northern direction.. But funny enough it’s almost not snowing, and almost never at christmas.. If there’s snow, the duration will be around 2 weeks and then it stops again..

But what is AMAZING and priceless is the christmas time in Denmark.. I will share with you some photos, to let you feel the atmosphere..


A funny fact is for example too, that we have the biggest bicycle culture on our streets in Denmark. Whenever you look left or right you’ll mostly find people on bicycles on the streets – but of course people drive cars normally as well (just to not make it sounds totally insane).

Besides all this……

Denmark is a very open-minded culture in itself – actually more than in America (which shocked me when I read this).
They have a very open mind to for instance homosexuality and few years ago it got officially allowed for gays to marry in churches here. They even have a “gay-pride” event every year in the capital, Copenhagen.
The danes are “protestant christians” and have a very anti-konservative perception of religion in many ways compared to other European countries. You will find a lot of atheists here, who are not believing in God or having any strong religious views, but are more focusing on the proofs of science for instance.
Still, danes are very known for being kind people and very proud of their country and the old viking stories from the country as well.
They are very easy going as people – and can be referred as having a bit more “cold mentality” in some fundamental things (but of course it depends with which eyes you’re looking). In Denmark it’s for instance normal, that when you turn 18 – you’re on your own and have to take responsibility for your life totally. The divorce rate is very high as well, and danes are not very tradition bonded – but are changing very much in tempo with the years and globalization.

Actually there’s a mentality therm which got created back in 1933 called “Janteloven”.
It’s based on 10 internal laws, which are for example “you should not think, that you’re something”, “don’t think that you’re better than us”, “don’t think that you can teach us anything” and so on.. Actually are really primitive “law” which you can also meet many places here unfortunately..

But in the end Denmark is all about freedom as well….
There’s for example religious freedom, press freedom (journalistic), social security (if you’re sick or unemployed), personal freedom and freedom of speech, – so I just used this freedom to write all these things down for now …………………

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to write below or contact me on Instagram or e-mail.



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Hej piger!

Jeg har lige modtaget en mail fra www.luxplus.dk  i morges, om at de kører kæmpe skarpe tilbud på neglelak pt (som også på alle andre produkter inde på siden normalt) – Meeeen, nu har de sat neglelakkerne helt ned til 15kr. YAY!
Luxplus er en hjemmeside, hvor du som medlem kan spare tonsvis af penge for hvert køb du foretager og der er kæmpe udvalg inde for mærkevarer make-up produkter, shampoo, produkter til mænd også – og økologiske varer etc.
Super lækker hjemmeside, som jeg har været medlem af i mange år efterhånden og er super tilfreds med det, på trods af at jeg har betalt 89kr pr måned alle årene. Men det har helt sikkert sine fordele, når man køber make up og andre diverse produkter hver måned – og det har især været en bonus, imens man har været studerende og kunne skaffe de her produkter for så få penge og dermed spare en masse hver måned.

I kan gå ind og læse om konceptet de kører – og jeg vil personligt helt sikkert anbefale hjemmesiden!

Happy shopping 🙂





  • Hi beauties.. So.. For a long time now, I’ve been reading a lot about organic foods and had lots of different talks with different people about different organic products. I’m totally amazed by the concept honestly! I think personally, that it’s amazing to have the opportunity to buy bio/organic products and that there’re big variations to chose in. For instance, when I’m here in Denmark, I’m usually eating as much organic food as possible, and when I’m sick or have lack of vitamins, I’m using the alternative ways when possible, mainly because I’m SO stupid in swallowing pills – and it just freaks me out.

Here in Denmark or for instance Germany, it’s very normal that you can find organic products most places and it’s a kind of trend here – The healthy lifestyle!
The thing is, that I’ve been traveling a lot around, and many people (even from here) thinks, that they don’t need such kind of products and they’re just fine and satisfied with the products they usually are using. But it’s a fact, that a lot of people are suffering from different skin issues or allergic for instance, and this is highly related to what kind of products people are putting onto their skin or what they put into their mouths as well. Because the fact is, that many people are walking around and having allergic agains some certain things – but without knowing it, and this is both children and adults.
I must admit, that I’ve been one of the ignorants for many years as well, but somehow things started changing while getting older and my perception changed, and besides this, I have a mum who’s really into this “organic/alternative world” and she has been sharing so much of her knowledge with me, which of course made me come to the point to realize, that maybe it’s for the best to start thinking about what I’m using for products in general in my daily life, to prevent future issues best possible.  And of course, I would personally love to avoid all the kind of chemicals and bad stuff they’re putting into the products. So, that’s why I am really really excited to share these cute products I found, which contain amazing fragrances as well (which is a bonus).
As I said before, it’s very normal here in Denmark to find organic products and it’s really trendy. I found here some beauty products, which I’m personally totally in love with, and and and.. The prices here are actually insanely low, compared to other places! 🙂


1. Organic Shop – (Shea & Lilly) Shine conditioner HERE
2. Organic Shop – (Borago & Sandal) Volume shampoo HERE 
3. Organic Shop – (Cane sugar & Sea salt) Foamy body polish HERE
4. Organic Shop – (Cocoa & Sugar) Body scrub HERE 
5. Organic Shop – (Vanilla & Shea butter) Body butter HERE 
6. Organic Shop – (Sweet almond & Cane sugar) Foamy body polish HERE
7. Organic Shop – (Aloe & Minerals) Spa shower gel HERE  
8. Organic Shop – (Lotus & Shea) Spa shower gel HERE 


Happy organic shopping darlings!


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Mine absolut favoritter:

L’oeal True Match Foundation HER

L’oreal CC cream – anti redness HER

Det seje cover er købt i Glitter butikken. Kunne ikke lade være!